Security Considerations for Online Faxing and VoIP Telephony

Online Faxing

Both negative and affirmative arguments can be made about the security of online faxing. On the positive side, most of online faxing service providers do have encryption protection. This entails transmitting each outgoing fax over an encrypted connection and storing incoming faxes in password-protected online accounts.

With online faxing, emails can be automatically received in email, avoiding the common scenario of paper faxes lying in fax machine out-trays for any passerby to see. In addition, emailed faxes can be electronically archived with ease.

The inherent susceptibility of any data transmitted over the Internet to hackers or others with pernicious intentions always makes security a subject of concern.

The susceptibility to security breaches leads some entities, such as health-care professionals to avoid the use of online faxing.

VoIP Telephony

Just as faxing online and any other Internet activity is subject to same attacks as any devices connected to the Internet, so is VoIP phone calling.

VoIP IP phone systems are vulnerable to attacks from both in-house and external sources. Conversations can be recorded and voicemail broken into. Denial-of-service attacks can take place and customer data can be harvested.

A means of adding security exists in the form of encryption, and many of the VoIP service providers do provide encryption.

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