Online Fax Service

Exploring the Benefits and Latest Developments in Online Faxing and VoIP

Internet fax allows you to send and receive faxes by email, as well as get an international fax
number, and it doesn’t require a dedicated phone line. Meanwhile, VoIP enables you to make
phone calls over the Internet with a greater efficiency and a at a lower cost than traditional
telephone services. About Online Faxing and VoIP

This site exists to provide you with insight into how the capabilities of the traditional actions of
faxing and talking on the phone are now delivered as part of the convergence of
communications tools in an Internet “cloud computing” setting. “Cloud computing” refers to
being able to work collaboratively anywhere remotely using common and simple Internet tools.

Faxing Remains Relevant and VoIP Rivals Traditional Phone Calling

Anyone with an awareness of the latest technology might have at some point made the
assumption that faxing would end with the advent of email. After all, a person can always scan
documents into digital form and attach the newly created file for sending.

But faxing has not died; it has actually become more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective
because of the Internet, email, and fax-over Internet protocol (FoIP), the technology by which
faxes are sent over the Internet.

In addition, as the potential to send and receive faxes over the Web has been realized, VoIP service technology for digital phone calls has emerged as a likely replacement for the traditional, land-
line-based business phone system.

Today, service providers are offering plans that include both online fax and VoIP telephony,
giving businesses the capability to work completely through the cloud. Check out our online fax comparison chart.

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